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       Capitol Complex 1601 Congress        SFB Boiler and Elevator Replacement
       Capitol Complex 1801 Congress        SHB Emergency Water Intrusion Repair
       Capitol Complex CUP and Tunnel        TDA Giddings Lab Renovations
       Capitol Complex Excavation        TFC 16-17DM 4 Bldg. Elevator Repair/Replacement
       Capitol Complex Package 2 Utilities        TFC 16-17DM 7 Building Project
       Capitol Complex Part 1 Project Management        TFC 16-17DM 8 Building Project
       CPA LBJ Multiple Floor Renovation        TFC 16-17DM DSHS 4 Building Project
       DPS Communications Trailer Storage        TFC 16-17DM ELP State Office Bldg. - Parking Garage Repairs
       DPS Data Center Headquarters Building A        TFC 16-17DM HHSC 10 Building Project & DSHS Urgent AE Srvcs.
       DPS DM 2014-15 Amarillo        TFC 16-17DM INS, PDB, SCB, SHB, & TCC
       DPS DM 2014-15 Austin Headquarters        TFC 16-17DM JHW
       DPS DM 2014-15 Austin Northwest Area Office        TFC 16-17DM LBJ
       DPS DM 2014-15 Childress        TFC 16-17DM Parking Garages - Elevator Repair/Replacement
       DPS DM 2014-15 G.O. Bond Project Management        TFC 16-17DM SFA - Mech./Plumbing Systems Repair
       DPS DM 2014-15 GR Project Management        TFC 16-17DM Various Fire Protection Systems Repair/Replacement
       DPS DM 2014-15 Midland        TFC 16-17DM WBT - Mechanical Systems Repair
       DPS DM 2014-15 Waco        TFC 16-17DM WPH
       DPS DM 2016-17 GR Project Management        TFC 18-19DM Capitol Complex Buildings MEP & Waterproofing Repairs
       DPS Dual Power Study/Reno.        TFC 18-19DM DROC MEP Systems Replacement/Repair
       DPS EVOC Water System Modifications        TFC 18-19DM DSHS Air Handler Unit Replacements & Renovations
       DPS Houston Gessner        TFC 18-19DM HHSC DBGL & Associated Bldgs.
       DPS Midland Crime Lab Expansion        TFC 18-19DM TCEQ Park 35
       DSHS DBGL & A600 DM and Renovations        TFC Energy Savings Performance Contract Phase I
       DSHS DBGL Building System Assess. & High Priority Items        TFC Porfolio Wide Facility Condition Assessment
       DSHS Perchloric Fume Hood Removal        TRS HVAC Replacements & Renovations
       E.O.Thompson Parking Structure & Development Project in Austin        TSBVI Residential Administration and Weekends Home Transportation Facility
       El Paso State Office Building - MEP Improvements        TSD Campus Master Plan
       HHSC JHW Data Center Power Redundancy        TSD Toddler Learning Center and Central Service Center
       Minor Construction Capital Projects FY 13        TSD/TSBVI 16-17DM Campus Wide Improvements
       NAC/Capitol Complex Pre-Construction Services        TSLAC Sam Houston Building Improvements
       North Austin Complex