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       Capitol Complex Excavation        NAC/Capitol Complex Pre-Construction Services
       Capitol Complex Package 2 Utilities        North Austin Complex
       Capitol Complex Part 1 Project Management        SHB Emergency Water Intrusion Repair
       DPS Communications Trailer Storage        TFC 16-17DM 4 Bldg. Elevator Repair/Replacement
       DPS Data Center Headquarters Building A        TFC 16-17DM 7 Building Project
       DPS DM 2014-15 Amarillo        TFC 16-17DM 8 Building Project
       DPS DM 2014-15 Austin Headquarters        TFC 16-17DM DSHS 4 Building Project
       DPS DM 2014-15 Austin Northwest Area Office        TFC 16-17DM ELP State Office Bldg. - Parking Garage Repairs
       DPS DM 2014-15 Childress        TFC 16-17DM HHSC 10 Building Project
       DPS DM 2014-15 Corpus Christi        TFC 16-17DM INS, PDB, SCB, SHB, & TCC
       DPS DM 2014-15 G.O. Bond Project Management        TFC 16-17DM JHW
       DPS DM 2014-15 GR Project Management        TFC 16-17DM LBJ
       DPS DM 2014-15 Midland        TFC 16-17DM LBJ Multiple Floor Renovations
       DPS DM 2014-15 Waco        TFC 16-17DM Parking Garages - Elevator Repair/Replacement
       DPS DM 2016-17 GR Project Management        TFC 16-17DM SFA - Mech./Plumbing Systems Repair
       DPS Dual Power Study/Reno.        TFC 16-17DM Various Fire Protection Systems Repair/Replacement
       DPS EVOC Water System Modifications        TFC 16-17DM WBT - Mechanical Systems Repair
       DPS Houston Gessner        TFC 16-17DM WPH
       DPS Midland Crime Lab Expansion        TFC Energy Savings Performance Contract Phase I
       DSHS DBGL & A600 DM and Renovations        TFC Porfolio Wide Facility Condition Assessment
       DSHS DBGL Building System Assess. & High Priority Items        TFC WPC Roof Leaks
       DSHS Perchloric Fume Hood Removal        TRS HVAC Replacements & Renovations
       E.O.Thompson Parking Structure & Development Project in Austin        TSBVI Residential Administration and Weekends Home Transportation Facility
       El Paso State Office Building - MEP Improvements        TSD Campus Master Plan
       HHSC JHW Data Center Power Redundancy        TSD/TSBVI 16-17DM Campus Wide Improvements
       HHSC Print Shop Relocation        TSLAC Sam Houston Building Improvements
       Minor Construction Capital Projects FY 13