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TSLAC Sam Houston Building Improvements
Library & Archives Commission, Texas State (TSLAC) - 15-012A-6065 &17-009-6065 - Liberty
Structural foundation repairs and basic maintenance work needed on TSLAC buildings located on the Sam Houston Archives campus and the Cleveland Partlow house in Liberty, Texas

Project Team
Architect/Engineer: Carter Design Associates
Contractor: Gadberry Gen. Contracting & Construction

Next Milestone: 10/12/2018 Scheduled Substantial Completion. 5 days added for unforeseen conditions on elevator at Price Daniels Home. 5 days added for unforeseen conditions to replace rotten sill beams at Gillard-Duncan House.

Budget Summary

Bond Funds $0
Other Funding (incl. interest, transfers, etc.) $1,070,000
Legislative Authorization $1,070,000