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Welcome ....  

.... to the Texas Facilities Commissionís (TFC) summary of active construction, and facility maintenance projects.

TFC, as required by the Texas Government Code, provides technical services required to enable the construction and / or lease-hold improvements of offices and other facilities for various state agencies and entities. TFC is also charged with management and maintenance of those facilities. Prior to undertaking any improvements or construction, TFC engages in needs-analysis studies, and the strategic planning necessary to determine the needs of the using agencies, including a determination of whether leasing or construction will represent the best interests of the State.

Currently, TFC is engaged in . . .
Preparation of the current Facilities Master Plan

32 projects under construction
    with a total project cost of $433,525,524

28 projects in the planning and design phase
    with a total project cost of $620,490,976

Descriptions of active construction projects are available through the menu to the left.